Immediately save $500K to $50M annually on your Pharma spend

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PharmaFiduciary LLC is a national, tech-enabled, business services firm focused on disrupting the national PBM marketplace for mid-to-large employers who are currently self funded on their medical benefits. PharmaFiduciary works primarily with Fortune 5000 CFOs, to dramatically improve EBITDA, overall member health, member experience, while exposing the egregious and deceptive business practices of the top 6 PBMs. Furthermore, PharmaFiduciary believes in treating your overall Rx spend as a performing asset, NOT an expense.

HQ in Naples, Florida

Additional offices in GA, IL, TX

Clients / Employees / Strategic Partners Nationwide

Typical Client has 10,000 Members (or more) on their current Rx program

Average 1st Year Savings on Rx (or 20%, regardless of number of members)

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The problem

Here’s the deal: You’re getting taken for millions.

Right now, the both the FTC & Congress are investigating six of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the United States.

Why? Lack of transparency. Sky high prices.

And as National Community Pharmacists Association CEO B. Douglas Hoey said recently, “PBMs behave like monopolies. Their secretive, anticompetitive practices increase prescription drug prices, limit consumer choice, and stymie competition.”

What’s more – the FTC notes the idea of vertical integration means the largest PBMs are essentially in bed with major health plans and mail order and specialty pharmacies giving them even greater impact on prices.

Bottom Line

What this means for your company

All of this means self-funded groups are spending way too much for prescription drugs. What you may not know, is that there are 54 other PBM’s that have been shut out of vying for your business. This lack of competition is forcing you to pay millions more than you should.

The Solution

PharmaFiduciary helps find you the right provider

PharmaFiduciary helps find you the right provider by doing the due-diligence and connecting you with a PBM or PBA, that will drastically reduce your spend without sacrificing your employees access to the proper medication.

We aggregate solutions for you. No hassles for you.  Only drastic savings. And- this can all be done without impacting drug formularies or how your employees get access to their medications.

Plus- if you ultimately decide to do business with PharmaFiduciary, you can keep your current broker, TPA & medical stop loss carrier in place. Furthermore, the icing on the cake is your medical stop loss carrier will most likely give you a discount on annual premiums given this dramatic decrease in your overall Rx claims spend.

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